Announcement: NHS Parliamentary Awards 2020 postponed

We must regrettably announce that due to the COVID-19 and the need for NHS staff to give this their full attention, we have decided to postpone the NHS Parliamentary Awards due to take place on 10th July 2020 in the House of Commons.

If your MP has already submitted a nomination for the awards, this will still be considered when the awards take place. MPs will also be able to submit new nominations or make any necessary changes to their current nomination(s) as the nomination platform will remain open during this time.

As soon as we are able to confirm a new date and deadline for submissions for the awards, we will share that with you.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

For an individual who has worked within a health or care setting for 40 years or more and has left a truly impactful legacy.

This award seeks to honour those who have dedicated their lives to working in the NHS and have left it – whether just in their area or nationally – a better service for patients and/or a better place to work for those who will follow them. We are looking for someone who has worked or volunteered within or in support of a health or care setting for 40 years or more and has very much left their mark.

This could be through:

  • championing diversity and inclusion at work and in how the NHS treats patients;
  • leading improvements in care or working conditions in challenging circumstances; or
  • simply bringing a smile to patients’ faces day in and day out.

Questions to be answered when nominating:

  • Outline this person’s career/relationship with, or supporting, the NHS
  • How have they made the NHS better for patients?
  • How have they made the NHS better for past, present and future staff?

NB – 40 years’ service does not need to be continuous, for the same organisation, or entirely in a paid capacity.