5th March 2019
' Nominations open '
26th April 2019
' Nominations close '
24th June 2019
' Shortlist announced '
10th July 2019
' Awards ceremony '

The Geriatric Emergency Medicine Service Weston Area Health NHS Trust


South West

Weston has one of the oldest populations coming through A&E in the country. Out of a 241-hospital bed base, 30% of patients are aged over 80 and 60% of patients are aged over 65. The Actute frailty service is the first of its kind, developed over three years. Run by a small team, it cares for the patient and those who care for them. The frail, elderly arrive at A&E with a multitude of complex issues and factors. It’s rarely ‘just a fall.’

Patients arrive frightened and worried, often not about their health but over things like who’s looking after the dog. They may have missed a meal and are parched. Their first question is do they want a cup of tea. They then sit and talk to them to understand their needs, conduct a full gold standard comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and decide ‘what next’ together - admitting into hospital if needed.

Nominated by: John Penrose MP