2nd July 2020
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5th July 2020
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The James Cook Thoracic Surgical Team

EH-NE-The James Cook Thoracic Surgical Team

North East

The cardiothoracic surgical team is a highly innovative group of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and support staff. We have a strong focus on reducing the invasive nature of surgery where possible, thereby reducing recovery times and increasing the viability of surgery for frailer patients. We pioneered a new operation called microlobectomy, and we embrace alternative therapies like acupuncture, auriculotherapy, aromatherapy and massage into our NHS clinical pathway to help our patients. We always strive to get operations for the patients as quickly as possible often operating the next day or the same week. 

The Thoracic Team at James Cook University Hospital is the longest continuously established Robotic Thoracic Surgery programme in the UK and has performed numerous firsts in robotic and other types of thoracic surgery. They regularly receive teams from around the UK to train in thoracic surgery and we are working with a new UK company to be the world’s first surgeons to use the new British robotic system being designed in Cambridge, called Versius.

The cardiac surgical side of the department also took a team to Ghana to perform heart surgery out there as a mission in feb 2019 and we are bringing the Ghanaian team back here in Sept then going out again in October 2019 to further help them.  Ghana has 20 million people and no effective heart surgery programme in the whole country and the team has now raised £40,000 for these two missions and put a tremendous effort into this mission programme.

In 2007 the cardiothoracic surgery department at James Cook started to train people in a protocol to help when a person arrested after heart surgery. They created 3 international guidelines and a larger group to get the world to use this protocol which doubles the survival of patients who arrest after heart surgery. 10 years later worldwide there have now been over 600 of these courses !

Nominated by: Simon Clarke MP
“The pioneering work Joel Dunning and his team do is incredible: they save lives and by sharing their innovative methods and speeding up recovery times help more patients to benefit.”